The salary rates for July 1, 2015 are seen below (a 1% increase to all levels is scheduled for July 1, 2016).

PGY Level July 1, 2015
PGY1 $60,795
PGY2 $65,718
PGY3 $70,175
PGY4 $74,823
PGY5 $79,860
PGY6 $85,248
PGY7 $90,384
PGY8 $96,496 

Call Stipend - Residents shall be paid a call stipend on a quarterly basis as follows:

Weekday: $130 per in-house call and $65 per at-home call

Weekend: $145 per in-house call and $65 per at-home call

For Residents on home call, four (4) or more hours spent in-house will convert the at-home call stipend to an in-house call stipend. 

If no notice of change is given to the employer of the change from at-home call to in-house call within thirty (30) days of the close of the quarter in which the call occurred, the resident shall not receive the in-house call stipend for that call.

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